Opened on the 27th April 2003, the Atelier is a dance studio with a rehearsal area of 110 m² and a mezzanine with a small kitchen/lounge area and office space.

The Atelier offers companies residencies for research or production projects and offers contact dance improvisation classes (regular ateliers and courses) at various times.  It is also the base for our artistic, technical and administrative teams: Nathalie Brun, administrator, Joffrey-Pierre Soulages, communications officer, and  Dominique Faguet, who is in charge of overall co-ordination.

This new space has allowed the company to increase its visibility and to intensify its work based on improvisation and spontaneous creation, an artistic approach which has been welcomed with enthusiasm by the public, by professionals and by the company’s collaborators since 1995. The Atelier may also be rented for workshops and for weekly classes.

In allowing us to accomplish our artistic and pedagogical aims, the Atelier reinforces and enhances the Company’s stated objectives.

Activities offered by the Atelier…


Regular hosting of regional, national and international companies for research and production projects.


Our weekly classes and workshops are open to adults, both amateur and professional (every Wednesday except during school holidays):

  • dance / improvisation (6.30 – 8.30)
  • creation-composition (8.30—9.30)


We offer training classes for dancers with invited choreographers who give a week-long course in technique (throughout the year)


Weekend courses led by Yann Lheureux or invited choreographers (throughout the year).

A question ? In need of an information ? Wanna come at The Atelier ?

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1 bis rue Etienne Antoine - Montpellier, France
+33 4 11 93 03 23 - 4th choice
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