flagrant délit

Creation 2012

This solo is the result of the encounter between two artists: the choreographer Yann Lheureux and the hip-hop dancer Woo Jae Lee. This solo exposes a captive being. Being imaginary or reminding a real situation of incarceration, it is along these 4 virtual walls that he walks throughout the performance. Imprisoned, he offers his gestures, like impressions that would gush. He has no bonds; he unties himself, to get free… Sometimes he tries to break away. We  nd him then out of the space that holds him back. This captivity obliges him to meet inner exiles. Only the few verses of Rimbaud that he whispers, screams or scans are crossing his mind. This poetry releases him; he frees himself, unfold- ing  nally his curved back, opening the space to in nity.. He whispers… “By the blue summer nights,] Boundless love in the soul] I will go far, very far.]” A. Rimbaud