flat grand délit

Creation 2014

In this solo the interpreter, Vincent Warin, eludes rules and habits. He is at the same time the authority and the one who  outs it. In this duo-duel, with his BMX, he replays the ambiguity of the relation between man and machine- tool. However, the object becomes, sometimes, an instrument and thus continues the meaning given by the interpreter. His mount is resolutely contemporary. Vincent Warin (BMX Free Style ex world champion, ex-champion in France…) surprises us continually in his use of BMX. This moving partner reinforces the highly technical aspect of this solo, engaging at the same time a great poetry. The person and the object are, sometimes, indivisible. Their destinies cross and reconcile the adult man with his childhood. This move between two disciplines, two cultures, BMX and dance, offers to the public a sensitive, singular and exceptional part. “In the BMX discipline many majors disciplines exist, one of which the “Flat”, diminutive for “ atland”. It is on this  at space that rages, doubts, solitudes, exploits and sharing are practiced… facing ourselves as if we were facing our future” Vincent Warin