Red Circle

Creation 2016 – 2017

12 dancers move in a circular trajectory. A trance, through which they try to escape from the constraints of the tangible. Cut off from the crowd, they trace an empty circle. Their trajectories oscillate between harmony and chaos, in a ritual that leaves nothing to chance. Their bodies are ephemeral, precise, organic. It is a sacred ritual, a hymn. Together they construct a space, with transient motifs, dances made from their urges and their instincts. Each of their gestures is born from a unified breath, incessant and free. Though the space remains the same, the accumulative effect of their ceaseless movement is palpable. Their movements give rise to dances through which these women and men can escape, carrying the spectators with them in their wake.” The circle, with its strong symbolic connotations, belongs to all cultures and exercises a strong fascination for the human imagination. Infinite, eternal, protective and perfect, it simultaneously evokes confinement, claustrophobia, unsteadiness, and instability…it becomes a vector by which man can go beyond his earthly condition, the space-time continuum which defines him, towards the dimension of the divine.
The circle leaves us between captivity and deliverance. Symbol of stasis, it marks the “inside” and the “outside”, movement without end, or an end found in total exhaustion or in transcendence. Symbols, wrote Bachelard “should not be judged according to their form, but by their force. “

Red Circle is a piece constructed in layers. It does not have any literal “meaning”. It finds its force in its duration and its continuity, and in the end murmurs to us of the inexpressible. It isn’t about something, its sense and significance reside in itself. “Art does not reproduce what we see, rather it makes us see.” Paul Klee
The Company delves into notions of place and identity, the crossover of languages and the friction between vocabularies. it even calls into question the nature of theatrical space itself. The Yann Lheureux Company has taken these explorations into theatres, street festivals and unlikely, atypical spaces. In our work, since La légende des lieux (1998) through to our later creations J’embrasse pas (2007 – presented at the Chalon festival in 2010), Instinct (2012), FLAG (2012-2014) and The Rare Birds (2015-2017) we throw ourselves into a physical encounter with the urban environment.
Red Circle will be first performed in France in July 2017. Its themes are collective exaltation, place and belonging, and the movement of crowds.