The Dazzled

Creation 2018

“Living behind the double glazed window of one’s past”


It seems to me impossible to confront this illness frontally.

You can’t fight the wind, you can only let yourself be carried away by the storm. How much might we feel during this moment of flight!

To feel one-self, but differently, not diminished by time, not restricted in space, but something else. An opportunity to be seized”.

Yann Lheureux

The research process, and writing for choreography.

The second phase will be the creative process, working towards the production of my solo “Ici Soit-il” (‘The Way We Are”) and the group piece “Les Oubliés” (‘The Forgotten’). It is not my intention to dance in place of those who are suffering, but rather in their name.


The piece will not be either gloomy or voyeuristic.

How to find the link between that which characterizes this illness, which we talk of most often in terms of loss: of memory, of part of one’s identity; of the ability to recognize friends and family; of spatial awareness; of certain other activities and capacities,

and that of new phenomena which emerge: new activities; new facets; those moments of illumination where patients feel as though they are new to the world. In the quintessence of the moment, they live in the now. These forgotten ones, living in the shadow of forgetfulness, may reveal a new way of being in the world.